US Airways announces drastic changes

US Airways "compromises" on fees and cuts


Customers, employees pay for everything, US pays nothing


Friday, June 13, 2008 MYSTIC ISLAND, NJ - Yesterday, US Airways announced drastic changes to their operation. Labeled as a "Business Model Transformation" by the airline, these changes affect virtually every segment of aviation: frequent flyers, business travelers, leisure travelers and employees. All involved will feel the blistering sting of change except, of course, the leadership of the lowest ranked airline in the US in customer service (source: US DOT). While other executives have agreed to forego all or a portion of their salary during these troubled times, President Scott Kirby and Doug Parker are pouring over their spreadsheets pondering who to terminate, lay off, or transfer out of a job while continuing to be rewarded for their failed leadership. We at FFOCUS find this to be intolerable, especially in consideration of the customer service atrocities that our members and the general public have endured at the hands of this executive team.

It is not in the best interest of the shareholders of US Airways' to have its inept management team continue to drive away more and more of its traditional high-yield, short-haul business travelers. Failure to fairly and considerately address the needs of their best customers will, in our opinion, lead to the ultimate demise of US Airways.

As a result of the recent actions announced by the management team at US Airways, it is with great sadness and reluctance that we ask our membership and all who fly US Airways to please direct their business elsewhere.

We urge anyone who has to fly US Airways to report poor customer service and operational flight issues promptly to the US Department of Transportation (DOT) . For our message to be heard, US Airways must remain at the bottom of the rankings and we, as customers, can keep them there.

To our friends who are US Airways employees, we encourage you to join together, be active in your unions, and encourage customers to contact the DOT with their grievances. Together, we stand with you in this struggle.

Finally, to all FFOCUS members, be vocal. Join FlyerTalk and be an active blogger when you can. Talk to other frequent flyers in your travels. Let it be known how you feel. Be loud. Be long-winded. Let everyone know the truth about US Airways. FFOCUS remains an active, tireless, grassroots advocate of positive change in the airline industry. With an interest in the well-being of the consumer, we stand ready to assist industry leaders in dealing with the evolving business conditions of today's airline industry.

FFOCUS Policy Committee