FFOCUS launches new homepage, announces new name

Here we grow again!

Mystic Island, NJ - . In order to better serve the entire Frequent Flyer community, and in recognition of our expanded role in advocating for customers of ALL airlines, FFOCUS is proud to announce a change in the acronym which forms their name. Effective March 4, 2008, Frequent Flyers Organized and Committed to US Airways Success will now be known as Frequent Flyers Organized and Concerned about Unacceptable Service. In conjunction with this change, we are also pleased to roll out our newly redesigned web site, ffocus.org.

The purpose of these changes is to enable FFOCUS to provide more frequent updates to its membership with more timely information, as well as to be better able to respond to rapid changes in the Frequent Flyer landscape. Furthermore, we will be able to become an ombudsman for those who primarily fly US Airways and other major carriers on a frequent basis. Art Pushkin, Board Chair of FFOCUS stated, "Too often Flyers, particularly Frequent Flyers, feel as if they have little or no recourse in dealing with major airlines. By communicating directly with management teams at US Airways and the other major carriers, we are able to help these customers be heard and have their issues addressed."

Highlights of the new website include easier navigation and a public blog. Currently much of the site is password protected for members only. In addition to the public blog, the site will have several regular columnists focusing on various issues affecting customers of major airlines.

Former Board Chair and Founding Member Robert Johnson commented, "This is merely the next step in an evolutionary process that saw the organization grow from around 300 to 1,000 in 7 months during 2007. We intend to be a vocal and active lobby for customers who fly ALL major airlines."

As we update our content and web site, please "pardon our dust," as we're working to "build a better platform" for the views of the flying public to be heard.

FFOCUS is comprised of a dedicated group of approximately 1000 Frequent Flyers Organized and Concerned about Unacceptable Service. We strive to implement positive change in the overall flying public's experience by building partnerships with airline management, and by recognizing the contribution of dedicated frontline airline employees. By helping to build a bridge between management, employees and customers, FFOCUS hopes to help improve employee and customer satisfaction, which, in turn will build shareholder value, enhancing profitability and return on investment.