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Less Pitch And More Room


German airline Lufthansa shoehorned 8% more seats into some of its planes by squishing rows of new seats two inches closer together.  Passengers love it.  Read More>

TSA to Check Validity of ID/Boarding Pass

CNN - In a move that could improve security and keep airport lines moving, the Transportation Security Administration early next year will begin testing machines that match a traveler's boarding pass with his or her government-issued ID, while verifying that both documents are authentic.  Read More>

TSA to Launch Risk-Based Security Pilot Program

ABC News - Select travelers going through four U.S. airports may find it easier getting through security if they volunteer more personal information to the government.  Read More>

Lan, Tam Must Pick One Alliance

Aviation Week - Chile’s antitrust court will approve LAN Airlines’ merger with Grupo TAM but only if they drop at least one of their global alliances, support cabotage in Chile’s domestic market, return some slot allocations and open their frequent flyer program to other airlines for five years.  Read More>

Study: Adjust UK Fees On Air Travelers

Travel Weekly - A study commissioned by the major US airlines calls for a sharp rise in Air Passenger Duty (APD) on short-haul flights to allow a cut in tax on long haul.  Read More>

TSA Rolls Out "Known Traveler" At Select Airports

MarketWatch - The Transportation Security Administration is rolling out changes to airport security procedures aimed at helping passengers, especially frequent flyers, get through the screening process easily and more quickly. Read More>

Firm Claims Bio-fuel Breakthrough

Brighter Energy Org - San Francisco-based joint venture AliphaJet, Inc., has developed and successfully demonstrated a “highly cost-effective” catalytic method for making jet biofuel from renewable plant products or animal fats.  Read More>

SkyTeam News

Australian Business Traveler - Virgin Australia and Delta will begin codesharing on trans-Pacific flights between Australia and Los Angeles' LAX airport, the airlines have revealed.  Read More>

Round 2 - Airlines Denounce Pilot Rest Rules

Reuters - Big U.S. airlines told the Obama administration on Thursday complying with a regulation in the works to combat pilot fatigue would cost $2 billion a year and over time cut 27,000 jobs directly tied to the industry.  Read More>

Airlines Protest Fee Reporting Proposal

Aviation Week - Airlines are lambasting U.S. Transportation Department (DOT) proposed rules to collect more detailed information on amounts and types of ancillary revenue collected, calling them costly “public utility-type reporting requirements” that have no place in an industry deregulated more than 30 years ago.  Read More>

Playing Airline CEO

WSJ - If hard-core road warriors could design an airline, what would they want?  Read More>

LAS getting good news -

As seasons change, so do airline flight schedules, and in recent years, Las Vegas has received bad news when summer vacation time ended.  But not this year.  Read More>

PIT to open express security lane

Post-Gazette - Travelers who pack lightly might have an advantage making it through the security checkpoints at Pittsburgh International Airport starting Tuesday.  Read More>

LightSquared amends plan to lessen GPS interference

ComputerWorld - LightSquared's proposed 4G mobile network on satellite frequencies would hinder hurricane and tornado tracking, earthquake reporting and the prediction of floods and volcanic eruptions, federal officials told Congress on Thursday.  Read More>

Travel agents want clarification of fees

Travel Weekly - ASTA called for clarification on airline boarding priority fees and seating assignments, in comments filed with the Department of Transportation.   Read More>

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