Business Travel Growth vs Fuel Price Increases

Reuters - The recovery in business travel and exposure to fast-growing emerging markets are becoming the driving factors in the airline industry and those without it have no buffer against higher fuel costs.  Read More>

Sorta Sky Team News

DOT Release - The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today proposed to approve an application for antitrust immunity made by Delta Air Lines and affiliates of the Virgin Blue Group to operate joint services between the United States and Australia.  Read More>

Ready for On-Board Cell Phones?

Forbes -

How ready is the world for on-board cell phones?  On the one hand, connectivity means getting things done, which business travelers ought to love.  On the other hand, the inside of an airplane in flight is about the only place in the world where travelers can legitimately still be off the phone and - just as importantly – not have to listen to others.  Read More>

Rolls-Royce Engine for 787 gets FAA certification

Seattle Post Intelligencer - The engines for the first Boeing 787s to be delivered are now certified for extended flights far from airports, engine maker Rolls-Royce announced Monday.  Read More>

New Biofuel Sources Spur Debate

Des Moines Register - Imagine filling up the car on a fuel that isn't made from oil but doesn't have the drawbacks of corn ethanol, including its lower energy content and ability to damage older cars or gas pumps.  Read More>

Controllers Fatique Issues Being Addressed

Miami Herald - You don’t see us in the airports or on your flight, but if you fly into or out of the airports here in South Florida, or in the vast airspace over the northern Caribbean and western Gulf of Mexico, you rely on the work we do. We are air traffic controllers and our profession has been criticized in the news media over isolated reports of controllers falling asleep on the job.  Read More>

U.S. Carrier May Use AirCell's Suite of Products

FlightGlobal - At least one US airline is considering "going all the way" with Aircell by offering the firm's suite of commercial products, including its new wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) solution plus Ka-band satellite-based high-speed Internet in addition to its air-to-ground (ATG)-supported Wi-Fi in the domestic United States.  Read More>

Business Class Becoming the Premium Choice

NYTimes - While these airlines continue to provide over-the-top treatment for international first-class customers, the first-class section itself is getting smaller as airlines make way for larger and more popular business-class sections.  Read More>

FF Programs Losing Luster

Ashbury Park Press - Rich Spear belongs to 13 airline frequent-flier programs, but he's not as big a fan of them as he once was.  Read More>

Data Recorders From AF447 Found

The Independent - The cockpit voice recorder from an Air France airliner that crashed into the Atlantic two years ago was found yesterday. The jet's flight data recorder was recovered on Sunday.  Read More>

787 Deliveries Start in 3rd Quarter

St Louis Post-Dispatch - Boeing will deliver its first 787 jet in the third quarter of 2011 and roll out two of the long-delayed new planes each month after that, a company executive said Tuesday in the Chilean capital.  Read More>

Regional Carriers Focus on Mergers

FlightGlobal - For US regional carriers, scale has been the key to survival in the past year, as three major independent powerhouses have emerged to capture the bulk of business from their network partners - but how the country's regional industry will change over the next five to 10 years is open to question.  Read More>

Inflight Wi-Fi: Priceless or Too Pricey?

Arizona Republic - As the owner of a corporate-communications firm in Phoenix, Meister said he pays $40 to $50 every month to remain connected with his clients through e-mail and other means on US Airways flights to Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco.  Read More>

Nav Canada Seen as Model

CNN Int'l - As the scrutiny over air control safety continues, Arnold admits it can be a stressful job but that Nav Canada, his employer and Canada's only air traffic control provider, has put the training and tools in place to manage that stress both on duty and off.  Read More>

Fuel Surcharges Increase on European Flights

Bloomberg - United Continental Holdings Inc, Delta Air Lines Inc and rival U.S. carriers added a record $420 in fuel surcharges to round-trip European fares as soaring oil prices propelled first-quarter losses.  Read More>

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