Travel agents want clarification of fees

Travel Weekly - ASTA called for clarification on airline boarding priority fees and seating assignments, in comments filed with the Department of Transportation.   Read More>

Another FAA funding extension - Congressional leaders struck a deal late Friday to extend temporarily the expiring laws governing the nation’s highways and airways at roughly their current funding levels.  Read More>

Wooing High-End Travelers, Bedbugs, And Carry-On Fees

LA Times - Competition for Business and first-class fliers appears to be heating up, as carriers such as American and Alaska offer free pajamas, wireless internet service and other amenities.  Also, the hotel bedbug problem keeps spreading and Spirit Airlines calls its carry-on bag fee a succesd.  Read More>

Another FAA Shutdown?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - The Federal Aviation Administration faces another partial shutdown this month, as members of Congress square off in a dispute whose key combatants are Delta Air Lines and airline industry unions.  Read More>

Will BMI Stay in *A?

Avaition Week - Lufthansa is officially putting its loss-making subsidiary BMI on the market.  Read More>

Boeing Officially Launches 737 Max

[Although this article calls it the 737 New Engine, the latest from Boeing is that the family will be called the 737 Max and follow the 787 naming convention of 737-7, 8, & 9. - JimG]

Aviation Week - The 737 New Engine, as Boeing now calls it, was approved by the company’s board at its meeting this week and will enter service in 2017.  Read More>

War Of Words Continues Over LightSquared

Aviation Week - LightSquared is digging in its heels, blaming GPS manufacturers for poorly designed equipment that makes it susceptible to interference from LightSquared’s proposed high-power broadband transmitters that use a frequency adjacent to the spectrum used by GPS.  Read More>

In-flight Connectivity New Battleground?

Satellite Today - Airlines operate in an increasingly competitive market and in-flight connectivity could become a key method of gaining passenger loyalty.  Read More>

Alliances stymied in solving transatlantic riddle - Sir Freddie Laker's wit and wisdom accumulated in the transatlantic market more than 30 years ago was resurrected recently by one of the biggest players over the Atlantic to capture the dismal performance displayed by the industry during the first quarter.  Read More>

Aitlines Resist Capacity Growth

Air Transport World - While outside events and volatile fuel prices challenge US airlines, they comprise "a leaner industry that is no longer going to carry any passenger at any cost at any time," Heimlich said.  Read More>

Skyteam and OneWorld tidbits

Skyteam from - SkyTeam partners Aeromexico and Delta Air Lines are teaming up to solidify their presence in the erratic Mexican market by laying the groundwork for a potential joint venture.  Read More>

OneWorld from Aviation Daily - Qantas and American Airlines have won tentative approval from Australian regulators for a closer transpacific partnership.  Read More>

Let's Go Into The Holodeck

TechEBlog - Holographic boarding agents have arrived at Paris' Orly Airport Hall 40. Simply put as possible, "a prerecorded video image is rear-projected onto a human-shaped piece of Plexiglass to alert passengers when and where to get on their flight."  Watch More>

Paging Mr. Finn

Airline Reporter's David Brown - Recently I helped to celebrate Ton Stuker flying over 10 million miles on United Airlines. That is quite a feat and is no way to be trivialized, but it turns out he is not officially the most traveled man in the world. That title, according to Guinness Book of World Records, is Fred Finn.  Read More>  (You may have to scroll through the blog entries since there's no way to link to a specific entry)

LH Group To Impose Fee In 6 Countries For Credit Card Payment

Travel Technology Update - Lufthansa will begin levying a credit card surcharge on tickets issued on or after Nov. 2 for flights departing from airports in Germany, Belgium, Finland, the U.K., the Netherlands and Switzerland.  Read More>

Aircraft May Be Immune From PED Interference In The Future - Using personal electronic devices during all phases of flight will be technically feasible in the future as modern aircraft are being designed to be tolerant to such devices, including transmitting PEDs.  Read More>

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