Airlines Face $670 Million Carbon Bill For 2012

Reuters - Airlines face a carbon pollution bill of 505 million euros ($670 million) for this year under a controversial EU emissions trading scheme, an analysis by Thomson Reuters Point Carbon on Thursday shows.  Read More>

86% Load Factor And Losing Money?

WSJ - What was the difference between profit and loss for big U.S. airlines on domestic routes last year? Just one seat per flight.  Read More?

TSA Expands Use Of PreCheck Rapidly

Reuters - A pilot program that moves passengers through pre-flight security screening more quickly if they volunteer information about themselves in advance is set to expand to 28 of the nation's busiest airports, U.S. officials said on Wednesday.  Read More>

Senate Passes FAA Funding Bill

Reuters - The U.S. Senate approved a $63 billion bill on Monday that funds U.S. aviation programs for four years and authorizes new steps for the government to modernize the air traffic system.  Read More>

House Passes FAA Funding Bill

The Hill - The House on Friday morning approved legislation that calls for $63 billion in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding through 2015, after 23 short-term extensions that members of both parties said was making it harder for the agency to perform its air safety functions.  Read More>

En Route AutomationModernization At 6 New Airports

Aviation Week - The FAA has taken a major step in its much-delayed en route air traffic control upgrade by beginning operational use of the new system at six major FAA centers across the U.S.  Read More>

Plane's Equipment For NextGen To Get U.S. Backed Funding

Reuters - Aviation legislation nearing completion in Congress would give U.S. policymakers authority to offer airlines federally backed loan guarantees to help them pay for new air traffic technology.  Read More>

Airbus May Update A330

Reuters - Airbus is considering beefing up its A330 passenger jet in a bid to expand a recent winning sales streak for the junior member of its wide-body jet family, the planemaker said on Monday.  Read More>

Spanair Ceases Operations

[Since this is about a carrier ceasing operations, I'm including it - JimG]

Aviation Week - Spanair late Friday ceased all operations, and said on its website that the action was due to “exceptional circumstances.”  Read More>

Governments Key To Commercial Biofuel

Aviation Week - With crude oil beginning the year above $110 a ­barrel, and little prospect of aviation fuel prices coming down anytime soon, the imperative to find alternative sources to ensure price competition and supply security remains strong.  Read More>

2012 - A Rollercoaster Year For Airlines

Aviation Week - A mixed bag of fortunes awaits the world’s airlines in 2012, with some of the larger operators, for now, confident in their ability to return a profit during another year of belt-tightening.  Read More>

Wi-Fi Revenue Expected To Skyrocket

LA Times - There is good reason why the nation’s airlines are moving quickly to make wireless Internet an increasingly common onboard service, along with drinks, food and movies: It generates more revenue from fees.  Read More>

A-380 Inspections Ordered

Vancover Sun - Europe's safety authorities on Friday ordered urgent inspections on a third of the Airbus A380 fleet after the discovery of wing cracks on the world's largest jetliner.

Europe's safety authorities on Friday ordered urgent inspections on a third of the Airbus A380 fleet after the discovery of wing cracks on the world's largest jetliner.  Read More>

Latest Round Of Passenger Protections Going Into Effect

CNN - For those who like to fly but hate the hassle of hidden airfare fees, there is hope on the horizon. Starting next week, the only surprise they should experience is that there are fewer surprises.  Read More>

Biofuel Clean But Not Cheap

NYT - The use of jet fuel from renewable sources is now well demonstrated, but it costs more than double what fuel made from petroleum does, according to airlines, aircraft companies and suppliers.  Read More>

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