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Checks Ordered For GenX Engines

Bloomberg - U.S. airlines using General Electric  GEnx jet engines will be required to inspect their planes for signs of the type of flaws that led to a July explosion, the FAA said.  Read More>

NextGen Progress

Bloomberg - A $2.4 billion replacement of U.S. air-traffic control computers that’s been plagued by delays and cost overruns will be completed within its revised budget and 2014 deadline, said Michael Huerta, acting chief of the FAA.  Read More>

GoGo in Canada

Chicago Tribune - Canadian regulators have cleared in-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo to build out its network in the country, a move that will allow the Itasca-based company's airline customers to offer service on flights between the U.S. and Canada.  Read More>

FAA May Loosen Electronics Rules

The Hill - Airline passengers may one day not have to turn off their portable electronic devices after the cabin doors of their airplanes are closed, depending on the outcome of a new Federal Aviation Administration study.  Read More>

Gate Shuffle Coming To SEA

Seattle Times - Passengers flying out of Sea-Tac Airport will find their airlines playing a game of musical chairs starting next year...  Read More>

Australia Against EU Emissions Rule

Aviation Week - The EU emissions trading system (ETS) is facing a fresh challenge, this time from Australia­—an unexpected move by a country that also considers cap-and-trade systems a viable option to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions.  Read More>

Taxes/Fees On Air Travel

Consumer Travel - “There are a few industries — and their customers — that pay more than their fair share: alcohol, tobacco, gambling and airlines,” says Nicholas Calio, president and chief executive officer of Airlines for America. “Yes, airlines.”  Read More>

Concern About Washington Airport Authority

The Hill - Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and elected officials from Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., said Tuesday that the authority that oversees the capital region's airports is in dire need of reform.  Read More>

FAA Not Concerned About NextGen

NPR - But a number of computer security experts are concerned that the cornerstone of NextGen is insecure and vulnerable to hackers.  Read More>

Airbus Explains Latest A350 Delay

WSJ - So Airbus’s A350 has been delayed by up to three months because of of recent production problems.  Read More>

NTSB Investigating GE 787 Engine Issue

Star Tribune - Boeing Co. says federal regulators are investigating after one of its 787 jets had an engine issue that sparked a fire in South Carolina, but the company remains confident in its safety.  Read More>

IAH Gets PreCheck

Houston Business Journal - The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will begin a new fast screening program at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Terminal C beginning July 24.  Read More>

DOT To Begin Enforcing Delayed Passenger Rights Rules

Travel Weekly - he Transportation Department on Thursday refused to give the airline industry any more time to comply with two provisions of its new consumer regulations pertaining to the disclosure of baggage allowances and fees.  Read More>

More TSA PreCheck News

Tampa Bay Times - Select fliers will now be able to get through security at Tampa International Airport without taking off their belts and shoes, opening up their laptops or taking liquids out of their carry-on luggage.  Read More>

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